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Studies in Political and Historical Geography (ISSN 2300-0562, e-ISSN: 2450-0127), are a research periodical (yearbook) in Polish (and extensive summaries of articles in English) presenting the theoretical and empirical issues undertaken in each of the “title” disciplines. Being situated on the border of human, social and natural sciences conditions the interdisciplinary character of the journal profile. It is issued by the Department of Political Geography and Regional Studies, University of Lodz and reflects the scientific profile of the unit as well as the research interests of its members. In the journal one can find the studies and material published by the researchers from the scientific center of Lodz but also by other Polish and foreign centers. They are represented by both authors universally recognized as an authorities of the subjects as well as debutants whose research interests focus on the broadly understood geo-political and geo-historical aspects.

The individual volumes of the journal have a similar internal structure, which consists of the following sections: articles, research notes, reviews and science information.

The journal is addressed to a wide audience: scientists, practitioners responsible for implementing social and economic policies at different levels (local, regional, national), students of geography, history, sociology, political science, and others interested in the geo-political and geo-historical issues.

The individual volumes of the journal are prepared by the two-person editorial board and five thematic editors, representing the following science: geography, history, mathematics, Polish Philology and English Philology. Together with the Scientific Council, composed of representatives of the various disciplines, they carry out the assessment of volumes and thematic proposals for future volumes.

Published papers are subjected to reviews. They present the form of a scientific articles, as well as an essays or other academic materials.

Articles are published open access under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence (Authorship - Non-Commercial Use - No Derivative Works). All SzGPiH issues are available at the University of Lodz Repository and also indexed in databases: